Marcela has helped me in so many ways to be able to gain the confidence I needed to return to the dance floor. Her passion and dedication for dance and teaching makes every class an enjoyable and fun experience to remember.
She is able to share and teach with empathy and an attention to detail that I have never had before. She brings joy to every lesson. She gives everything of herself with the absolute highest level of energy and fun.
I just don’t know how she does it… it is remarkable. I really appreciate how she helps me break things down in subtle ways to help me improve and how patient she is when I struggle. When I get stumped and it can be on the simplest thing, she sees it as a challenge to help me work through the intricate details until I finally get it.
Marcela is also about helping me develop my own personal style which is so important in having the confidence to express myself on the dance floor. With Marcela every dance is a beautiful expression of the music. Marcela knows there is no stopping point or limit to what can be learned and she is there to help me with that exploration.

– Michael Adler