Group Salsa Dancing Class for Businesses


This is a beginner or intermediate class for groups both private and for business.

  • Class Price Range is between $85 and $225 depending on location and class size.
  • Great for social interactions for co-workers (partnering and/or individual dance group).
  • Team building

Marcela has been teaching for over 15 years and she has lots of experience and great skills for teaching large groups.

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This is a beginner or intermediate class for groups both private and for business.

Learn how to;

  1. How to send signals to your partner
  2. Get into the right beat
  • Learn on your own pace
  • Learn exactly what you want to improve
  • Learn in an hour a month woth group lessons
  • Take home a video of yourself at the end of each lesson to practice at home
  • Learn a short and useful routine every single class

What Happens after I buy

  • After your purchase through either Venmo or Paypal, Marcela will contact you at the email provided by either application (Venmo or Paypal) to arrange location, date and time of the group class.

What to Bring

  • Safety COVID – During the pandemic it is recommended to wear masks during any dancing class. Please wear your mask before arriving to your private lesson or group class.
  • Contact Information – For any additional questions please contact Marcela at


I’ve been taking salsa lessons with Marcela for about 3 months and I couldn’t be happier!  I’ve had a lot of salsa lessons from the best instructors in Chicago where lived, and Marcela ranks among the best of them.  She radiates joy of dance and is truly an inspiration to me.  She is very involved in bringing dance to the community with several venues she has initiated.  Marcela is very patient, going over different steps until I get them.  I am dealing with an injury and she adjusts what she is teaching to make it more doable and fun for me.  We mutually decide what to work on and she is outstanding in her ability to break down certain moves that are more challenging for me.  In some classes I want to work on styling or shine steps and she always accommodates what I want to learn.  She is helping me loosen up my body and be more creative in how I dance and move.  I am extremely happy and grateful to be taking lessons with Marcela.”


Groups Classes Taught By Marcela

  • Marcela has taught a 40 people group class for in 2019 . Denver . Studio
  • CU Boulder groups class for 80 Students in 2018

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Group Size

Small, Large


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